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Have you ever been afraid of something? 

Have ever wanted to try something new but weren’t quite sure how it would turn out? 


Follow the journey of a little girl who seems to talk herself in and out of trying something new. She doesn’t want to leave the comfort of the oak tree that has provided a place for her to dream up her adventures even though she longs to explore. Realizing that she is more than capable of conquering her fears, she summons the power of her inner voice that reminds her that she is more than capable and helps her believe in herself again. 


The courage to try something new can lead to different outcomes. Some may experience success, failure, or collecting more lessons to learn. Having that courage also helps us realize that if what we try doesn’t work out the first time, we can always find a way back and try to explore and adventure again.


+Signed copy. 12x12 case wrapped hardcover with dust jacket and poster.

Courage Takes Flight, First Edition (expanded)

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